Not Agile. Not PMBoK. Common sense.

You may be confused with tons of controversial information about how to deliver.

You may be tired of managers and coaches that see your problem as a nail - just because

they have a hammer only. 

Here, we are talking about methods and practices tailored to your context.

No bullshit. Just help you deliver.


How I help

Sometimes, they call me a magician. My superpowers are system thinking, a big dose of humour, common sense, and 2x2 matrixes.


Personal and group mentorship

If you have questions, but not answers


Working with companies

If you want a second opinion

My experience

During my career, I have collected a lot of knowledge. Happy to share!

Touchscreen Computer

Process establishment

  • Risk management;

  • Knowledge management;

  • Project governance;

  • Agile discovery / delivery;

  • Kanban Method.

Open Laptop

Trainings and consultancy

  • Agile introduction;

  • Kanban introduction;

  • Project management;

  • Scaled Agile.

Mentorship and coaching

  • Personal development plan building;

  • Knowledge gap coverage;

  • Growing leaders.

Informative Interview


  • PMO building;

  • KPI/OKR implementation;

  • Leading projects and programs.

Standing Meeting

Numbers about me


years of the extensive experience


hours of personal and group mentorship

8.6 / 10

as the satisfaction rate from corporate trainings


NPS of the project portfolio

What others say

Sometimes I am so nice that people want to tell others about it.

Taras is a professional and experienced project manager and Agile coach. He is well-versed in the nuances of this challenging profession. I enjoyed consulting with Taras because of his patience, ability to listen, and desire to understand all the details of a particular situation. His recommendations always go hand in hand with explanations based on models, best practices, and his vast experience. He generously shares information and supports in stressful situations. I can highly recommend Taras as a consultant.

Ilana Vaiman Naftulin

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