Working With Companies

If you need a second opinion

You do not have enough resources to improve your managers' skills

You need help with organizing project or product governance

Your coach is talking about LeSS only, yet you are not convinced.


What I offer to you

Train Your Team

We identify a specific topic to cover, and I prepare the tailored class for your managers or teams

Support Your Process Transformation

If you need any help with the process building, you have my hand

Facilitate Decision-Making Process

As an independent facilitator, I will help your team to build best decisions together

How it works

Go See

  • WHY: I aim for a complete and tailored solution. No silver bullets.

  • WHAT: I learn about you from trenches to identify pain points and the next steps.

  • HOW: Interviews, invisible present, health checks, and audits.

Train Change Agents

  • WHY: It is my goal that your people own and drive changes. 

  • WHAT: I train internal advocates and change agents.

  • HOW: Carefully tailored training and classes aligned with your team’s needs.

Map Adoption

  • WHY: The north star should be set up to understand the goal of the transformation;

  • WHAT: We prepare the plan together and gather the commitment about it;

  • HOW: Pilot Plan, Implementation Roadmap.

Sustain and Improve

  • WHY: It is all about a journey of continuous improvement.

  • WHAT: I accompany you on the way of further scaling of success.

  • HOW: Trace the movement, adjust the direction, consulting.

What others say

Sometimes I am so nice that people want to tell others about it.

Taras has guided our team on several occasions. Each time, he has demonstrated to stay on target, while keeping an eye for details. In addition he has helped our development team to become self steering. He is an excellent project manager and a great teacher!

Bryan Aaldering

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